The purchase and distribution of hot-rolled plates accounts for 90 per cent of our trade in steel products.

10 per cent is the remaining assortment, which is sold on the completion of deliveries basis in cooperation with numerous trading partners.

We carry out individual orders based on proven methods. We treat each customer individually, diagnose their needs and propose the best solutions regarding not only the quantity, assortment and price, but also financing of the purchases. Our actions are characterised by professionalism and commitment. We are flexible and willing to take on new challenges, while maintaining high quality and stability.

We buy and import plates directly from the leading Polish and foreign steel mills.

About us

We have chosen the name of the company not by accident. The surname PALUNIN is already a brand today developed for nearly 30 years.

Our beginnings date back to 1992. At that time the basis of the PALUNIN family activity was wholesale and retail trade in metallurgical products, supported by services provided by its own transport. After a few years the activity was extended by the sale of welding materials and equipment and production of metal elements. The years have passed, the signboards and partners have changed, but one thing has remained the same: a unique style of work, honest approach to business.

Our slogan is "TRADITION AND PROGRESS", which means that we take business to the next level by remembering our roots.

We understand tradition as drawing from the best and verified models, eliminating what is outdated and worn out. Progress means above all modern standards. Eclecticism at its best.