About us

The surname PALUNIN is already a brand, built for nearly 30 years.

Our beginnings date back to 1992, when the first company under the name FERRO was established in Bytom. Even today, stories about stamps bought with the last pennies circulate in anecdotes.

At that time the basis of activity of the PALUNIN family was wholesale and retail trade in metallurgical products, supported by services provided by its own transport. After a few years – under the name TECHNOSPAW – the activity was extended by the sale of welding materials and equipment, as well as production of metal parts.

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Izabela and Daniel, February 2017

He (Daniel) in the front line, she (Izabela) in the wire entanglement, fighting for market position, for customers, for reputation. And as it is at the battle front – things were different, what didn’t kill them made them stronger.

Years have passed, signboards and partners have changed, but one thing has remained the same: a unique style of work and honest approach to business. The atmosphere in the PALUNINS’ house has always been as hot as in a blast furnace. Ideas were pouring out of heads like pig iron. Years of hard work, conquering the market for new ventures, thousands of hours spent behind the steering wheel, great passion, which has also led to financial success.

In the meantime, they have added a “second leg” to the business, in real estate and construction.
Robert Palunin grew up in this atmosphere. To say it with tongue in cheek, he took his first steps in a steel trading office.
While still a student, he joined the team of the then Kwadrat company to learn the mechanisms of the company from the inside. In 2015, after graduating, he started working alongside his father – a very demanding mentor – training himself while using and expanding his own knowledge and skills.
Without a leniency, he was thrown in at the deep end, convinced that the work was worth continuing. Little did he anticipate that he would soon come to verify these skills.
The year 2018 became one of the most difficult for the family. A severe, incurable illness ruled Daniel out.
Eventually, Daniel Palunin died on 24 December 2020.

Forever in our hearts

May 2021, the PALUNIN company was founded, as a continuation of nearly 30 years of tradition. And again He (Robert) is in the front line and She (Izabela) in the wire entanglement
Our slogan is “TRADITION AND PROGRESS“, which means that we take business to the next level by remembering our roots. We understand tradition as drawing from the best and verified models, eliminating what is outdated and worn out. Progress means above all modern standards. Eclecticism at its best.


We would like to thank our friends, suppliers and customers on whom we could rely in a difficult period for us, who – as Daniel used to say – went through fire and water for us.

We will not let you down!